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Urban Family’s Award Winning Program: Neighborhood360

The Neighborhood 360 program serves youth and families who live in socially challenging apartment neighborhoods. N360 is located onsite at the Creston Point apartments in Skyway of South Seattle. N360 serves over 2,000 residents on-sight through four integrated and targeted programs which includes: Children, Teens, Family Support and Community Building. N360 is an Urban Family “Best Practice” for transformational neighborhood development.



Urban Family box_5028916Mentor’s Inc is a group mentorship program that combines one on one  life   coaching and interactive life skills groups that focus on supporting  the social and emotional development of youth. Youth develop  important coping  skills to  deal with adverse life experiences, and social  skills  to engage a  diversity of social environments. The most significant experience is the support of peer mentees  and caring adult  life coaches.

2015 Highlights: Successfully launched our Peer Mentoring program at Rainier Beach High School that recruited over 30 upperclassman mentors to mentor all 10th graders (approx. 160). Over 95% of the students believed the mentoring lessons helped them to connect with a caring student and learned at least one strategy to improve their attitude and behavior toward school.  !00% of the staff believed the peer mentoring increased connections in the classroom and with the school.  The staff overwhelmingly voted to bring the program back for the following school year.


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Kidz Next Door (KND) is a free, community-based after-school program that serves children ages 5 to 11. KND offers fun educational activities, academic tutoring, and positive social development. In addition, the program helps youth develop life skills and provides one-on-one emotional coaching and behavioral management.  This program offers a structured environment that youth want to be part of during critical times of day when the presence of adult supervision may be lacking.

2015 Highlights: Hosted the first S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) focused summer school program at Creston Point for elementary-age youth.  45 youth participated in the 6-week program that included curriculum-related field experiences every Friday to enhance their learning.  100% of the students participating stated they are more aware of the importance of STEAM and how it can impact their daily lives.  100% of the parents stated they are more aware of STEAM and believe the program reduced their student’s summer learning loss. Parents and students are looking forward to the program for next summer!


Urban Family box_5029024Game on is a sports program for youth that focuses on the development of athletic performance and training, mentoring and life coaching.

2015 Highlight: Engage 13 young males of color referred through the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative in a 6-week summer program focused on Balance Education Accountability Support and Teamwork (BEAST project).  All youth except for one are transitioning 9th graders.  Our team provided practical lessons and strategies on goal setting, social-emotional strategies, and physical fitness.  Each of the youth presented their portfolio at the culminating event, sharing their goals and accomplishments for the summer and for the upcoming school year.


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Who’s Next is a youth advocacy program for student leaders that develops and inspires youth to effectively advocate for issues they believe in.  Youth are trained on the basic fundamentals of advocacy, including identifying issues, measuring their impact, and writing policy recommendations to policy makers and community stakeholders. By utilizing creative activism and the power of story, this program inspires youth to “Be the change they want to see in their community.”

2015 Highlights: Established the Skyway-West Hill Youth Neigborhood Council (SYNC) to inform policies that impact youth in our community.  SYNC held a community forum in March, 2015, to provide youth with a platform to use their voice to impact change.  Over 100 youth and community members attended the event.  Over 300 surveys were collected to prioritize youth projects for the Skyway-West Hill Action Plan (SWAP).  Youth from SYNC are receiving training in youth advocacy and empowerment in our community.


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Concrete Intervention is a youth intervention program that works with high risk and gang involved youth.  Intervention Specialists build supportive and trusting relationships with youth and help them become productive and self-sufficient members of the community.  Youth are encouraged to identify risk factors that perpetuate criminal and violent lifestyles, while developing decision-making skills and character that helps them engage in healthy relationships and strive a for a better future.

2015 Highlights: We connected over 40 youth to summer jobs through partnerships with SYEP, Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club SE Network, and Youth Force.


Youth 360 Youth Leaders & CrewYouth 360 presents “The SPOT” A safe place for teens to hangout, have fun and learn meaningful life lessons with their peers and caring adult youth leaders. The Spot encourages youth to challenge negative social trends in youth culture by examining their own views on society. Youth motivated to develop social, emotional and spiritual well being in the context of community.

2015 Highlights: Secured a full-time Youth Engagement Specialist to oversee programming at Creston Point for middle and high school youth.  Part of this position also allows for school campus visits to support youth in school.  This fall, we secured a partnership with Renton School District to provide support to our youth in the buildings and host weekly mentoring groups for additional support.