• Paul & Shantel Patu


What People Are Saying

Urban Family is different from other organizations by the true creation and feeling of family versus programming.


Urban Family offers a safe space for youth to foster stronger foundations of family and community. By creating open and positive environments, Urban Family contributes daily to the future of youth and family through their programs that reinforce the ideals and goals which promote positive social change.

Staff Member

Urban Family is a group that keeps kids out of gangs and emphasizes completing school and being active in the community. Also [Urban Family] makes sure lower income kids get healthy meals after school and get school supplies.


Urban Family loves people, provides resources, changes lives, and develops a brighter future.


Urban Family connects people to resources and needs. It also builds relationships with people as individuals to help them strive to maintain healthy community.


About Urban Family

Established in 2007, Urban Family is a community-based organization that provides urban youth with the tools, resources and support to become leaders, mentors and role models in socially challenged environments.

You can’t do effective work with urban youth without
understanding the adversity they deal with on a daily basis


Founders, Paul and Shantel Patu, started Urban Family as a local expression of their life’s calling to serve urban youth in their community.  The vision of Urban Family is that all youth, no matter their background, are included, empowered and have the opportunity to develop a healthy and successful life while contributing to their community and the next generation.

The Urban Family has built a deep level of trust
with the Citizens in our community

Over the course of 18 years, Paul and Shantel Patu have used their rich life experiences and specialized training in faith & community based urban youth work to establish relevant programs that successfully engage and empower urban youth to become leaders, change agents and productive members of their community.

Recognized in the Greater Seattle area as premier intervention specialists and youth advocates, the Patus have frequently been called upon by civic and community leaders to help stabilize neighborhoods under duress.  They have mitigated the influence of gangs and youth violence by providing grassroots and collaborative leadership, intervention programs, training and consultation.  Their innovative approach to problem solving has helped many youth and their families to make life-changing decisions.